Happy Bombs is a fast-paced, action-filled swipe-matching game. Connect multiple large groups of Happy Bombs to unleash the colorful splashes and get more points than your friends.

This game is easy to learn, but hard to master. Connect groups of Happy Bombs with one swipe of your finger. The more groups you connect at once, the higher your points multiplier will get. Match-3 was yesterday: Connect five red bombs, three yellow bombs and a couple of blue ones to drive your points and multiplier high up into the skies.

Compete against your friends in the Happy Bombs Cup and win trophies, special bombs, coins and precious rubies every week. Show off your awesome moves and share video replays of your best sessions with friends on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

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Connect Happy Bombs to Facebook and attend the weekly Happy Bombs Cup to show your friends who's the best! Win special booster bombs, coins and rubies every week.

Invite your friends to join the fun and receive rubies and extra lives to play better and more often. If you run out of lives, ask your friends for new ones or make your pals happy by sending them lives on your own.

You've just had the best round ever, cranked out a new highscore or had an amazing group of bombs exploding in Happy Bombs? Share it! Share video replays with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube and let them try to compete with your awesomeness right away.

Happy Bombs is completely free to play. You can buy some items with real money if you like. But if you don't want to you can deactivate In-App- Purchases on your device and still be the best Happy Bomber among your friends! Find rubies or coins in the game. Invite friends, win the tournament or use our advertising partners to earn new rubies, coins and lives.

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